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Why did we choose NFT for a transferable lifetime VIP verification?

NFTs are one of a kind. If you use a regular "Coupon code" for an individual subscription, the text code can be stolen, lost, or posted online, for everyone to see accidentally, so you could easily lose your right for the lifetime VIP. However when you use NFT as proof of ownership, there can be only 1 copy in existence and it can only be stored in 1 wallet at a time, all while being securely stored behind your wallet protection. That's what blockchains were made for, proof of ownership and that's why it's the best tool to use on Simkl as well.

We use NFT on Simkl as a way of proof of payment that cannot be hacked or stolen and it works in complement to payment options that we have provided from day 1 for VIP and Pro membership.
Simkl has always accepted these 3 types of payments:
  1. Paypal
  2. Credit card
  3. Crypto (BTC, ETH, Litecon, etc)
And now Simkl also supports NFT as a 4rth way of payment that works as a transferable gift that you can gift to anyone this Christmas on htpps://

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