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How do I watch a TV show or movie?

You cannot watch anything on Simkl. Simkl is not a streaming service but a TV, Anime, and Movie tracking service that keeps a list of what you watched, shows you what to watch next, and sends notifications when a new episode is released.

Currently, Simkl does not have the option to watch all TV Shows, Anime, or Movies. However, Simkl provides links for Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll where you can watch the TV shows and Anime.

Simkl helps you track what you're watching and discover new shows & movies. We have built the Simkl™ TV Tracker for passionate people who like to watch TV Shows, Anime, and Movies on their computers, and who are tired of manually tracking all shows that they watch using outdated manual watchlists. For people who are geeky enough to want a hi-tech automated Watchlist solution no matter how you watch - download video files on your computer or watch streaming video online, on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, etc...

If you don't wish to continue using Simkl for tracking TV Shows you can delete your account at

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