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How do I add a new TV Show to Simkl?

We use TVDb for all TV show and episode information. If Simkl is missing a TV show, just follow these steps.

  1. Make sure the TV show exists on TVDb with English information filled out.
  2. Simkl will publish the new TV show in 24 hours.
You can find instructions on how to add and edit TV shows at

How to find TV shows using IMDB or TVDB links:
Copy the IMDB or TVDB link and paste it in the Simkl search. If the show is already on Simkl, it will display a link on Simkl where this show is located. If inside the show you see a message that this show was deleted, it probably has a duplicate on Simkl in movies or anime. If it was incorrectly deleted, let us know at or on our Discord.

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