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How can I import my watch history to Simkl from Crunchyroll?

You can import your Crunchyroll watch history to Simkl by following these steps:

  1. Install Simkl's Chrome extension
  2. Switch ON the Crunchyroll button as shown here:

  3. Wait until Simkl is finished importing your Crunchyroll watch history.
  4. Your Netflix watch history will always be synced with Simkl even if you watch Crunchyroll on your TV or mobile device.
That's it, you're done!

What to do when my episode progress in Crunchyroll history is 0 (grey instead of orange)?

Sometimes Crunchyroll will not save the progress of your watching activity, how many minutes of the episode you have actually watched. In this case please activate "Import even when episode progress = 0%" option in Crunchyroll extension settings. Keep in mind that this will mark all episodes as watched even if you only watched 1 minute of the episode.

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