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What is Simkl TV Tracker app?

At the moment, our Windows app has the ability of detecting almost any TV show and Anime that can be downloaded from the internet and played through most popular video players. 

You can download the beta version from
With the help of the Simkl TV Tracker app you can detect most TV or Anime episodes downloaded from the internet or downloaded through iTunes.

Instructions: Install Simkl TV Tracker, open any TV episode video file. In 7–15 seconds (it may take longer times for detecting rare Anime) you will see a small popup at the bottom right corner with the name of the TV show and it's episode number that you're watching.
PS: Beta version is for demonstration purposes only, for Windows 7\8\10 PC, may contain bugs.

Currently beta version works with such popular media players as:
VLC, KMPlayer, GOM, iTunes, MPlayer, RealPlayer, DivX Plus Player, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, BSPlayer, Winamp, MPC-HC, ehshell, AVS Media Player, FLVPlayer4Free, XBMC

Supported file types:
avi, mkv, mp4, m4v

Supported partially downloaded video files:
crdownload, part, ts

KNOWN BUG: App freezing

Most likely you have multiple Microsoft Visual C++ versions installed on your computer and the tracker gets stuck, uninstalling them usually helps. You can find Visual* in: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features 

What platforms will be supported?

Current automatic tracker prototype app is fully compatible with Windows 7\8 PC. Manual tracking is achieved using the website. A free browser plugin for detecting what you watch online, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll is available in Chrome Web Store and Mac version is planned in future. iOS and Android apps are planned in future as well.

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